Canopy el Eden

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Come and fly across the trails and waterfalls of the predator movie set along more than three miles on twelve different long and high zip lines created for your enjoyement.

El Edén is made of 2.500 acres of jungle and wild life and with two waterfalls. Eden´s wild life jungle is full of tigers, deers, nutrias, hawks, iguanas, snakes, guacamayas, coati mondies, raccoons, oriols, wild chickens, foxes, butterfly’s and more.

Come and visit the jungle location where Arnold Schwarzenegger combated Alíen invaders in the movie Thriller PREDATOR. Our expert guides will be available to assist you in every aspect so that you can enjoy this unique experience to the best way.

-Who can´t take part in our cable ride?

Our ride is completely safe and is suitable for all groups and individuals who are seeking a thrilling adventure in the jungle of Sierra Madre Occidental.

-However, we advise individuals with severe back or neck problems, heart concerns or other disabilities to evaluate carefully if this ride is suitable for their particular condition.

Minimum Age 6 years/ Maximum weight 250 pounds

-This unique ecological park can be enjoyed even if you don´t take our canopy ride we offer you our complimentary activities in the river and the walking trails in the jungle, natural rock slide into the river,  restaurant bar.




  • 8:00 AM

  • 10:00 AM

  • 1:00 PM






  • Transportation from pick up points

  • Bilingual Guides

  • 12 Zip lines

  • River and Rope Swing

  • Jungle Scenery

  • Lots of fun !!!





Please wear comfortable clothing a t-shirt, shorts and running shoes are ideal and will not interfere in the enjoyment of your flight high above the wildest end deepest jungle in Puerto Vallarta.


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