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If you are looking for adventures, landscapes and three amazing places, then this tour is for you.

South of Puerto Vallarta are Las Ánimas and Quimixto, two typical fishing villages that retain their charm and can only be reached by boat. Just before arriving, there are the iconic Los Arcos de Mismaloya, a protected area where visitors can practice snorkeling to observe a huge variety of marine species.

Our boat departures in the morning to visit these enigmatic places located in the south of the bay. Since the sea, you’ll have the privilege to observe incredible views of Puerto Vallarta and our experienced guides will explain you about its history, weather, traditions and the better places to visit.

When arriving at Los Arcos de Mismaloya, our passengers can submerge to the sea to practice snorkeling and to be able to appreciate a great amount of colorful fishes. We will be there about 30 minutes. After this activity, two groups are formed: those that remain in Las Ánimas and those that go to Quimixto.

While people who go to Quimixto will have the opportunity to visit the town and a waterfall that can be reached on foot or on horseback (some local suppliers provide this service), those who stay in Las Ánimas can enjoy up to three hours of sand, sea and excellent restaurant service*.

On the way back from Quimixto, the people who stayed at Las Ánimas will board the boat to start enjoying the domestic open bar and we will wait for those who went to the waterfall to have their lunch and together to return to Puerto Vallarta (during the trip, we organize games, raffles, dances and a great party atmosphere).



  • Continental Breakfast and beverages
    Continental breakfast, juice, coffee, bread and fruit.
  • Lunch at the beach
    Lunch is served at Las Ánimas beach.Options to choose from: hamburger, machaca burritos, catch of the day fillet or quesadillas. Food choices for minors: Nuggets or quesadillas.
  • Domestic open-bar
    Drinks start serving after visiting Los Arcos National Water Park.



  • Schedule
    10:00 am6:00 pm Return to Puerto Vallarta.
  • Duration: 7 hrs. (approx)
  • Please be at least 20 minutes earlier in meeting point. Check the map below for meeting point location.
  • Tour days
    All week days.
  • What to wear and/or bring
    Camera, comfortable shoes (sandals), biodegradable insect repellent, light clothing, during winter we suggest to bring a light jacket or windbreaker, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and extra cash.
  • Tour restrictions
    For safety reasons minors under 4 years old, expecting mothers, persons with back or neck, heart, balance or/and dizziness conditions restricted. A good walking condition is necessary to visit the waterfall ( or rent a horse ). Camera and other personal belongings are your full responsibility.


  • Friendly bilingual crew
  • Visit Los Arcos National Aquatic Park
  • Visit Las Animas Beach
  • Visit Quimixto and the waterfall


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