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Tuito means Place of Beauty, a small town south of Puerto Vallarta.

Places to visit:

Botanical Garden

Our first stop is at the Botanical Garden, the only place in the region where you can explore the paths through its gardens and jungle where the visit will be entertaining and educational. In this same area a stop is made for know the petroglyphs or painted stones more 1,200 years old.

Artisan Bakery

Then we will go to the bakery craft of the region, which is located on the road to the village where we will know and taste delicious breads made primitively to firewood in clay ovens.

From there we visit the village center where you will enjoy the picturesque village Tuito and its colonial streets dating from the sixteenth century.


We will visit the Main Parish of St. Peter the Apostle and learn typical places that place, as the tortilla, a typical house known for producing cheese from the region. To finish our tour, we will make a tour of the distillery Tequila where you will have the opportunity to taste the different types of tequilas and learn the process.


  • Tuesday and Friday


  • Entrance to the Botanical Garden

  • Bilingual Certified Guide 

  • Food and a drink to accompany


  • Camera

  • Money for souvenirs

  • Comfortable clothing


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