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The Los Anegados rock bank lies halfway between El Morro and the Marietas Islands in a relatively sheltered area of the outer limits of Banderas Bay. The bank begins about 30 ft below the ocean's surface and is full of caves and fascinating rock formations. Los Anegados has frequent nurse sharks sightings.

Explore the Shallows

Los Anegados is popular for experienced scuba divers, some areas are up to 80 ft deep and others are shallows of roughly 30 ft. Due to the shallow depths, it is common that you will see bottom-dwellers such as rays and eels. Pelagics such as Tuna and Jacks are also very common here as well as the famous giant mantas. This popular scuba diving tour gives you the chance to enjoy two dives (one tank each) at Los Anegados in 2 different locations.

Perfect For Open Water Shark Diving

Nurse sharks are generally gentle sharks that swim away when approached by humans. This makes them perfect for open water shark diving. Nurse sharks can often be found on sandy, ocean floors resting during the day or at water depths of less than 60 ft so divers can experience these sharks with an Open Water Certification. Some larger specimens prefer deeper reefs and shelves 100 ft into the ocean, this will require an Advanced Open Water Certification or higher.

The Location

This dive can sometimes be demanding for divers due to strong currents, but typically the current is mild. The location of this dive site is outside of the bay, 24 nautical miles. We will get north winds that can make the ocean rough. The journey to the dive site is 1 hour in our fully-equipped dive boat. If the conditions are too difficult at Anegados, we may change the destination to The Marietas Islands or to the Southern part of the bay.

The Conditions

Cold water season (Dec-May)

  • 60°F - 75°F / 15 a 24 ºC

  • Visibility:  3-9m / 10-30 ft 

  • Best time to see Rays, Mantas Rays and schools of fish

  • We provide full 5.5mm wetsuits (we do not provide boots, hoods or gloves)

Warm water season (Jun-Nov)

  • 75°- 86°F / 24 a 30 ºC

  • Visibility: 9-24m / 30-80 ft 

  • Best time to see manta ray to see Manta Rays and Nurse Sharks, but it depends on the ocean


Trip Details

  • Dives: 2 Dives

  • Water Temp: 60-86 °F / 15 - 30 ºC

  • Average Visibility: 3-27 m / 10-80 ft

  • Depth: 9-24 metros / 30-80 ft


Get Certified!

Are you ready to dive in deeper waters and more exciting locations? A dive certification course can open up a world of opportunities - and many courses can be completed while you are on your vacation.



  • PADI certified divemaster

  • Diving equipment

  • Wetsuit (upon request in winter)

  • 2 Dives

  • Lunch and beverages


  • Must be at least 10 years old

  • Cannot be pregnant

  • Based on PADI’s flying after diving recommendations, beginner Divers shouldn’t fly within 12 hours after a dive; Certified Divers shouldn’t fly within 18 hours after two or more dives in a day

  • Diver must have at least logged 25 dives in their own log-book, which must be presented at check-in

  • Must not have respiratory, cardiovascular or ear problems

  • Must be in good mental and physical conditions

  • Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs


  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Biodegradable Sunscreen


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