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    Blast out of the ocean and feel your heart race as you propel through the air, then hover above the water! Test yourself and try daredevil dives, tricky flips or dolphin jumps. Flyboard is an adrenaline-pumping, thrill-a-second adventure that brings together all of the elements of your favorite water sports. It may look complicated, but it is actually easy to learn—it will only take a few minutes to get up and flying like a super hero! Our professionally trained instructors will keep you safe while you show off your new skills. Flyboarding takes fun to the MAX!


    • Bottled water

    • Instruction

    • Gear



    • Minimum age: 12 years old
    • Maximum weight: 250 lb / 114 kg
    • Minimum weight: 88 lb / 40 kg
    • Expecting mothers are restricted from this tour
    • Persons with back, neck, heart, or balance/dizziness conditions
    • Cameras not permitted
    • One spectator per participant is permitted



    • A change of clothes

    • Swimsuit (1 piece recommended)

    • Biodegradable Sunscreen

    • Towel

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